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  Libong Island
This island is governed by the Libong Wildlife Sanctuary. Libong Island lies opposite Chao Mai / Yao Beach village
and has the largest island community, with some 3000 residents. Libong has intact coral reefs for snorkeling, 
a bird sanctuary and is the best place in Thailand to see the endangered dugong. The island is a good place for
those keen on studying nature, muddy forest ecology and sea grass.

Places to Go People to See

There are three villages on the island namely "Ban Prow" village where the longtail ferry point is located,
most of the houses are elevated above the muddy mangrove forests. The main occupation here is
raising fish in floating fish farms.
The next village "Na Barn" (which means front house) is the largest of the three and boasts a long
concrete pier for the fishermen, here they catch crabs and shellfish (Hoi Sharktin), along the coast
of this village is where the seagrass is most abundant and is where the dugongs reside.
The final destination is "Lang Kow" village - translation means 'behind the mountain' which is true,
this is where most of Libong's beautiful beaches can be found, and it is the home to most of the
off-shore fishermen, and also our home as well. Here you can see local fishermen making squid
(calamari) traps, mending nets, repairing boats etc.
While 30% of the locals are out catching fish, the remaining 70% tap rubber for a living.
You can see them making rubber sheets when you walk around in the villages.