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Libong Island being 'off the beaten track' is known to few tourists who wish to keep us a secret. 
Our 'niche' is to keep it small and friendly, 12 rooms all located a few steps away from each other,
to create a 'family' like atmosphere, not commercial like.

We are also the pilot site for Sustainable Accommodation in the Thai / Swedish Project on
Sustainable Tourism in Trang.  Sustainable Ecotourism practices in management, energy,
waste disposal, sea & land tours, and local community integration. (2005 - 2007)
(A Sacred “Nature’s Temple”  where Chiefs of Ancient Sea Gypsy tribes gathered annually
at the exact site of  the Resort to offer sacrifices to the Land & Sea Gods & Goddesses)
                                                                             Around & within the Resort

                     1. Pyramid structures x 3 at seafront (measurement exact  replica of the famous Giza Pyramid in Egypt) – 
                        for experiencing Cosmic  power by meditating inside it.
                    2. Fossilized Coral rocks at seafront in the sea (be fascinated  by the millions of sea creatures living in the
                        holes of these “rocks”).
                    3. Wild Oyster colonies at the left side of the Resort a  hundred yards away. Our staff can demonstrate
                        harvesting some wild oysters for  dinner!!
                    4. The National Park Forest just behind the Resort. An exhilarating day going up and through the thick mass
                        of old trees. Wildlife, especially wild boars, abound. At the ridge top, you  can see the sea on both sides of
                        the island. There’s an ancient Sea Gypsy Sacred Cave inside the forest. You may be lucky to find it. 
                    5. A nostalgic local village exists just outside the  Resort. This place is simply an Anthropologist’s paradise. 
                    6. Every Baht you spend with us is used directly for Nature Conservation activities and training of locals.
                        You can ask our Resident Manager how we do it. 
                    7. This Resort is world-famous for our home-grown Dugong/  Bird Watch Expedition. We have been host to the
                        Thai-Swedish Sustainable Tourism Project, BBC & Fox TV Documentary Filming, many local and foreign
                         researchers and writers. 
                    8. Glorious sunset at our beachfront. Some guests claimed  they even saw the unique “Green Flash” at the moment
                        when the setting sun touches the horizon on a clear evening.