The emerald cave at Mook island is world-famous being one of nature's most spectacular natural formations and is the main highlight for any visitor visiting Trang. It is a cave within a mountain. You could say that it is a lost-world hiding from the rest of the world and is a must-see for all. The distinct feature is the emerald green reflection from the waters when the sunlight enters the cave.

The video clip (above) displays a 'guided' tour of the Emerald Cave and Island Hopping Activities, please enable the Active-X Plugin to be installed.

Usually, this Tour is conducted by Companies with large boats, carry between 50 to 300 passengers. This kind of mass tourism activity is popular among Thais and Asian Tourists. We prefer to use local longtail boats because we believe it is safer and more efficient in terms of manouvability and efficiency. Furthermore, supporting local crafts and using locals with their skill and know-how is just the most eco-friendly way to go.

Moreover, going with a crowd is more a social outing because we tend to talk to other people more than enjoying Nature which is what we paid for in the first  place. Anyway, we use the small craft and take you swiftly from one island to another – Kradan Island, Cheuk Island and Wean Island – where you can see some of the finest beaches Trang has to offer.

At each island, the coral formation is different and the arrays of colours are just fantastic. Some worldwide divers commented that they have never seen anything like that. Of course, this trip includes the entrance to the world-famous Emerald Cave – an inland circular beach with bright blue shy above reflecting a brilliant emerald colour on the water.

Here, too, we are different because we are flexible to take you to nearby islands for a peek into the unknown. Going on this Tour with us is a memorable one and certainly an encounter with Nature you will remember for a long time.

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