The ChaoMai & ChaoKun caves notorious for being the Pirate's hiding place during colonial times has recently become a popular tourist destination featuring many fascinating stalactites & stalacmites, underground caverns and perhaps even undiscovered pirates' treasure!

The journey starts from the Haadyao Nature Resort where you have the choice of cruising with a long-tail boat or having a good workout with one of our Swift Kayaks.

The video clip (above) displays a 'guided' tour of the Pirate's Cave, please enable the Active-X Plugin to be installed.

On the way you will pass many mangrove estuaries thriving with wildlife ranging from otters to ant-eaters and even other unmentionable reptiles!

After passing through the mangroves you will arrive at the caves where you will disembark from your boat / kayak and explore the caves on foot. The two pirates’ caves we take people to see are for real. They were not created to attract tourists.

The younger locals living just outside the Resort are descendants of pirates – from about their older father or grandfather’s time. Of course, there are no pirates around nowadays, but reminiscence of their bygone “glorious” past still abound.

Cargo ships used to sail along the sheltered side of Libong Island during the Southwest Monsoon where the entrance to this hideaway is. Upon the coming of a targeted ship, the pirates’s boat that was hidden in the mangrove swamp near one of the caves would rush out, and many villagers along the way out would swim or row their mini boats to board the main attack boat. Looted treasure was taken back to be hidden in the lower cave whereas hostages (if any) were tied up in one of the many chambers of the upper cave.

The Police had already confiscated all the goodies and disbanded the pirates. Today, these two caves stand as a historical relic. Visitors have described it as “amazing” and ‘beautiful”. A New Zealand professional Photographer described the upper cave as “a cathedral built by Nature”. The chambers have sky views throwing varied colours to the surroundings.

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